How to install an html email signature into Microsoft Outlook 2019 / Office365

Installing an html email signature to Office365 or Microsoft Outlook 2019

So you’re staring at your fancy new HTML email signature and wondering how on earth to install it to Microsoft Outlook. Well, we’re here to help. This one’s an easy one. 2 min and we’ll be done.

What you'll need

  • An html email signature
  • A Microsoft Office365 License
  • Microsoft Outlook Outlook mail

Don’t have Outlook? Download  from

Don’t have an Office365 licence? Contact Us and we’ll help you get it set up.

Don’t have an html email signature? Contact Us and we’ll  make it happen.

1. View your signature

You should have received a link to your email signature. Something like this

If you don’t have one and would like one, click here to get in touch. We’ll design and code one for you and your business.

2. Copy

Select the entire signature by dragging the mouse or with Edit > Select AllYou can also use the keyboard shortcut, ctrl + A (pc) or Command+A (mac).

Once selected, right click and hit Copy.

3. Open Outlook Office 365

Open up Microsoft Outlook.

Click New Email, in the top toolbar you should see Signatures. 

Once you’ve clicked signatures, hit the + button under signature name.

Name your signature, and in the white space below, paste your copied signature with right click, paste. Or ctrl+V (pc) or Command+V(mac).

4. Keep formatting

Looking pretty good.

One last little trick, see the little icon at the bottom that looks like a clipboard? Click it and hit Keep Source Formatting.

5. Close and Save and set to default

Now you’re pretty much done, close the window being sure to save.

At the bottom of the next widow, where it says New Message and Replies/Forwards. Hit the dropdown menus and select your new email signature.

6. Congratulations!

You’re now level expert. Enjoy your new email signature in Outlook.

How to set up an Office365 account in Outlook

What you'll need

  • A Microsoft Office365 License
  • Microsoft Outlook Outlook mail

If you don’t have Outlook, you can download it from

If you don’t have a licence Contact Us and we’ll help you get it set up.

1. Open Outlook

At the top, click Outlook then Preferences

How to set up Office365 emails on your Mac

2. Click 'accounts'

You’ll find it under the ‘Personal Settings’ heading.

3. Add account

4. Enter details

Enter your email address in the email field and click continue. Once prompted, enter the password provided to you.

If nuvismedia is your Office365 supplier, Contact Us and we can reset your password for you.

5. Sign in

Click Sign In. Congratulations, you’re a tech wizard and have just added your Office365 to outlook. Click Done. Your inbox is now available on the left.

Send us a test email to check if you like, we’ll happily respond to let you know it’s working.