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How to add a Shared Microsoft 365 Mailbox to the Outlook Mobile App

So, you’ve been given access to a shared mailbox – how do you access it?

It’s common for several employees of a business to share access to a shared mailbox. For example, several team members might share an “[email protected]” mailbox to all manage the company’s accounting. Access to shared mailboxes is set by your Office365 Global Administrator.

Once you’ve been given permissions to the mailbox, you’ll want to add it into your Outlook Mobile App. But how? Logging in to a shared mailbox is a little different than setting up your personal email on your app – let’s run through the steps on how to go it.


What you’ll need

  • A Microsoft Office365 License
  • Permission to access a shared mailbox
  • Microsoft Outlook Outlook mobile app – download it from the App Store or Google Play

Don’t have a Microsoft 365 licence? Contact Us and we’ll help you get it set up.

1. Open Outlook Mobile App

Make sure you are logged in to your own account using your own email address and password. For example, [email protected].

At the top left, click the circle with your initial in it. This will open up a menu.

At the bottom of the menu, on the left hand side, click the image of the envelope with a plus sign.



2. Click ‘Add Shared Mailbox’

A pop up will appear with the email account(s) you already have logged in on your Outlook App. Click your own email address – for example, [email protected]


3. Enter Shared Mailbox Details account

When prompted, add the name of the shared mailbox you’d like to add – for example, [email protected]

Click ‘Add Shared Mailbox’.

Outlook will have a think, and make sure you have the permissions to add this shared account.

4. Start Using Your Shared Mailbox

Congratulations, you’re a tech wizard and have just added your shared mailbox to Office365 mobile app. You can start sending and receiving emails from this account immediately.

Send us a test email from your shared mailbox if you like, we’ll happily respond to let you know it’s working.

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