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Embracing Space

Branding | Logo Design | Website Build | Print

Project overview

Embracing Space is a boutique interior designer in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Design Packages. Director Teresa was looking for a brand identity that represented minimalism and modern and stylish design.

We created a logo, brand guidelines and website for Embracing Space, and continue to produce print collateral including business cards, flyers and cards.

Modern, minimal and hidden-meaning logo design for Embracing Space Interior Design by nuvismedia, Melbourne.

Typography & colour palette

We selected the Embracing Space colour palette to embody minimal, cool colours with a pop of burnt orange, reminiscent of copper or brass finishes.

Logo design

We love to design logos that have hidden meanings. The Embracing Space logo is a combination of both the E and S initials of the company, a room floor plan. Gosh aren’t we clever?

Website design and build

The most important aspect of the design of the Embracing Space design to feature a gallery of portfolio images for prospective clients to view previous work. The website includes a portfolio gallery in a grid layout for easy quick viewing and scrolling. 

Other key features are testimonials from previous clients of Embracing Space, and display of the (many) awards Director Teresa has won.

Like the rest of the Embracing Space brand, the website design is minimal and sleek, with plenty of negative space and is focused on being desktop, tablet and mobile responsive.

Print collateral

With the logo, typography and colour palette in place, we set to bringing print collateral to the table. We produced business cards on a nice thick, textured stock with gold foil detailing, continuing the story of a premium company.

We provide ongoing support to Harvest Home with digital and print items. Luxe foiled, textured business cards with gold foiling, A-frame signage and hardware, way-finding signage, coasters, flyers and stamps are just some of the items produced for the premium, bohemian treasure that is Harvest Home, Avenel.

I love it - APPROVED! Thanks so much for turning this around so quickly, you're a legend!

Teresa Kleeman

Director, Embracing Space

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